Saturday, November 18, 2017

Consolidated Teacher Training Course


  • To equip attendees with the skills needed to “manage” a classroom effectively.


  • To enhance attendees’ confidence in their ability to do the work of the teaching ministry at FBCM.
  • To inform attendees of the resources available to assist them in developing their expertise and stimulate their creativity.
  • To provide an interactive forum for an exchange of ideas regarding the teaching ministry at FBCM.
  • To stimulate enthusiasm among attendees as they look forward to becoming members of the teaching ministry.
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and sharing.
  • To provide information on how to make maximum use of available classroom time.

Contact: Deacon Nelson Knott
Meeting Times: As scheduled.

  8122 Ransell Road, Falls Church, VA  22042  |  |  (703) 560-3247